The Storytelling Solution

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Don’t waste time with lukewarm words.

Refining your brand story means effortlessly attracting clients.

It means never struggling to write a newsletter or social media post again.

It means launching a course you KNOW will sell.

The Storytelling Solution is a Coaching and Copywriting service for solopreneurs who want learn how to write a Brand Story and get noticed.

What they say…


‘My medical training did not prepare me for marketing, copywriting, or brand management...Claire helped me uncover parts of my journey that I didn't think were relevant, and she offered great perspective in how every piece plays a roll in my story! It feels so good to have someone who so clearly resonates with my work and effortlessly creates such meaningful content that’s right on my newfound brand!”



“I needed help crafting my business' message as I start to branch out in new territory. The Storytelling Solution exercises, as well as being able to discuss everything with Claire and then seeing how she wrote out my message in a concise and digestible way, definitely helped bring clarity to my message. Claire creates clear messages that promote action and is pretty much a word magician!”


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"I was finding it really hard to actually type out my story since it was so emotional for me…Claire was able to provide a final piece that was so touching and so emotional in the best way possible, so that we were able to truly and authentically connect with our audience. They know why we care for them, and that we’re not just another company trying to sell them something.”


Co-Founder of and

It’s Time to get your story straight.

Until you know who you’re talking to and what to tell them, your marketing efforts are money down the drain.

There’s value (literally) in getting your story straight first.


What You Get:

  • Brand Story Audit

  • 4 calls

    • One 90-minute Storytelling Session

    • Two Custom Coaching Calls

    • One Get Your Goodies Handoff Call

The Worksheets

  • Your Brand Story

  • Your Business Story

  • Your Origin Story

  • Content Touchstone Worksheet

  • In-Depth Ideal Client Worksheets

The Goodies (Delivered as a swipe file):

  • Long form About Page copy

  • Personal Bio for podcast interviews

  • Social Media Stories

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And you are…?

I'm an award-winning writer with a degree in narrative journalism and a professional background that includes reporting for The Dallas Morning News and The Tampa Bay Times as well as bloggers, brands, and small businesses throughout the wellness space.

I combine reporting techniques with narrative craft to help my clients create and tell compelling stories to their ideal audience.


Q: Who's this for?

A: The Storytelling Solution is for creatives and solopreneurs of all kinds. Nutritionist? Definitely. Jewelry Designer? Yes! Fitness blogger? For sure. If you’re committed to digging in and maybe getting a little uncomfortable in order to let your story shine, we’re going to get along just fine.